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There is no magic spell for choosing a college; you can start it simply by asking yourself some questions that can help to find the right fit for you. It’s your journey. We’re just here to help you get started.


  • Learn about some key college search categories.
  • Answer questions to discover what’s important to you.
  • Get advice from college students and counsellors. Consider the points below step wise to find the correct fit-

Kind Of Colleges

Start by thinking about the kind of college you want to attend. Keep in mind that you have lots of options.
Many students exclude private colleges because they think they're more expensive, but that's not always the case. Financial aid can sometimes make private colleges as affordable as public colleges.


Set a limit on how far away from home you want to be. This might be an easy way to narrow the many options out there, but it doesn’t mean you’ll find the best colleges for you. Keep your mind open and think about other aspects as well.

Campus Setting

For many students campus size and feel is a big part of their college choice. Whether or not you already have a mental image of what college life should be like, visiting a college and talking to students is a great way to get to know a campus.


For many families, cost is a big concern — understandably. But it doesn't have to be such a big hurdle. College is usually more affordable than you think. You can look for some financial aid government also provide to students for their studies like education loan, scholarship etc. Even CAREER ADMIN can help you here with our services like scholarship for students who perform well in interviews and academics.

Learning Environment

College is about learning! So it makes sense to imagine your ideal learning environment. Don’t get stuck on things like a college’s reputation, rank or selectivity. What’s more valuable is how well a college’s academic style fits you.


Last aspect which you can consider is placement records of the college. For this you can check college sites as well as ask the admission cell of colleges to show you the last highest placement records of the college.

After considering all the points you will come up with some right fit colleges for yourself. Further you can go with some simple steps to apply-

  • Apply in the colleges through CAREER ADMIN, for free.
  • Interview will be done through Telephonic round or skype round.
  • Review the acceptance letter.

We are available 24*7, round the clock for students through whatsapp session, mail, call etc.