The Process of Consultation

Admission Consulting Services

  • Career Counseling
  • Admission Guidance for Medical, Engineering, MBA
  • How to Choose College/University?
  • Helping you College Admission Procedure
  • Offer wider choice of Institute/state/city option
  • Helping you College Admission Procedure
  • Help in selecting Institute even if you have less Marks/Score Admission Techies.

Admission Process

The college admissions process starts with our helping the student to identify the sort of college that would be best for them. We provide guidance and a list of colleges that meet the criteria set by the student.

Suitable Payment

During this time we help the family understand the many aspects of paying for college to ensure that the family isn’t paying more for their ideal college than necessary.

Student's Assistance

Once the student has a list of possible colleges we assist them in understanding the application process. This includes brainstorming ideas for the essay and then editing of the essay until it best represents that student’s abilities.

College Visits

We help students plan college visits, understand how to give effective interviews and discuss how to get the best recommendations.