Admission Counseling


An educationl counseling is a counselor who works with students in a school environment. Schools now hire educational counselors to assist special needs children with their studies, provide career counselling, based on the options available to students and also help students with their personal issues. The most important duty of an educational counselor is to understand the hopes, aspirations and dreams of a student. They should know the strengths and weaknesses of the student, and handle them very carefully. They also interact with parents, guardians, and other administrators regarding a student’s behavioural, academic, and other problems.

Some students have some query then in such cases educational counselor needs to take a charge to make the child overcome of all this. These factors too affect a child’s growth. Thus, an educational counselor makes a child overcome from any personal, social or behavioural problems.

Education counselors plays a vital role in the career planning process of students. In the clutter of hundreds of desired career options, these counselors assist students in making sensible career decisions. They evaluate a student's abilities, interests and skills through interviews, personality and aptitude assessments, etc. They match if the mutually chosen career path is best suited to the candidate's profile, interests and limitations.

An educational counselor is trained and has good amount of knowledge on educational opportunities. For e.g. If the student wants to study abroad, wants scholarship, or needs any information on college training programmes then these counselors help them out with the required information. They help young futures to develop good personality and embrace life skills so that they can face the challenging world better. They guide them for job interviews, resume preparation, job searching strategies, and other factors that are important for career exploration.